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College Counselor and Mentor


Perceiver Education Inc is an education company which helps students prepare for and succeed in college. We have developed a comprehensive approach to mentor and coach students in preparation for college and future career success. As the Project Coach, you are expected to help the students explore and develop in a very specific academic field so they can achieve academic and professional excellence.

Position roles and responsibilities
As a mentor, you will work directly with students over an extended period. You will get to know the students on a personal level and motivate them to develop and improve their talents and skills in their areas of interest.

In the preparation phase, you will
Assess and identify students’ passions
Help students set goals and focus on important activities
Explore colleges and majors, advise students on career choices
Reflect on students’ activities and experiences and express them in a meaningful way
Inspire students to care and engage in impactful service projects

During the application phase, you will
Advise students on how to identify schools that are a good fit
Ensure students understand all the requirements and deadlines
Coaching on Essay writing and Interviews.

Experience in college admissions process and decision making
Experience working with students
Excellent writing skills
Experience in High school/college writing is preferred.

Please send your resume and cover letter to

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