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Academic-Based Project Coach


Perceiver Education Inc is an education company which helps students prepare for and succeed in college. We have developed a comprehensive approach to mentor and coach students in preparation for college and future career success. As the Project Coach, you are expected to help the students explore and develop in a very specific academic field so they can achieve academic and professional excellence.

Job responsibilities:
• Design course syllabus and teach high school students the fundamental knowledge of college level courses in Business including business strategy, finance analysis, and marketing etc.
• Coach the students to prepare for a national business competition, i.e., Wharton Global High School Investment Competition, or similar competitions
• Guide the students through the execution of their own business ideas

a. Ability to work interactively with high school students using the best possible teaching and coaching practices.
b. Highly collaborative, with proven ability to work collegially with students, mentors, and other team members
c. Demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion
d. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both written and verbal, in individual and group settings, including ability to deal tactfully with students and keep them motivated
e. Integrity and good organizational skills
a. At least two years’ experience in teaching, coaching or mentoring
b. Coaching experience in business competitions
c. Current or former university professor or lecturer
a. MBA or Master’s degree required

Please send your resume and cover letter to

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